Buying a Dental Practice

Once you have decided to buy a dental practice, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with what to do next. That’s where Encompass IHC comes in. Our seasoned consultants know all of the ins and outs of dental practice transitions and can give you the guidance that you need. That way, you can stay organized and make sure no important details are forgotten in the purchase and transition process. When it comes to buying a dental practice, trust Encompass IHC as your advisor.

How to Buy a Dental Practice with Encompass IHC

Our tried-and-true process for buying a dental practice provides easy steps for our clients to follow: find, learn and buy.


The first step is finding a dental practice that meets your needs. Our listings are up-to-date and are added to frequently, so check back often if you don’t see something on your first search.


Take some time to research dental transitions and buying an office. Our integrated healthcare consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have. For starters, we recommend taking a look at our buying a dental practice checklists, along with our other resources.


Once you’ve found the ideal dental practice you would like to purchase, Encompass IHC can represent you as a buyer and act as a transition consultant. You can trust that we’ve been through this process many times, and we are comfortable suggesting retention strategies, financial assistance and more. We do everything we can to support you and facilitate collaboration with the seller for an easy transition.

Reach Out to Us for an Easy NC Dental Transition

With the help of Encompass IHC, finding a dental practice to buy and achieving your career goals is that much easier. In addition, we would be glad to provide a free appraisal for the dental practice you would like to purchase. If you’re ready to buy a dentist office, contact our consultants today at (919) 395-0444.

Encompass IHC assists our clients in buying dental practices. Serving dentists in America since 2006!

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