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Encompass IHC: Dental Transitions Company

At Encompass IHC, our mission is to be a one-stop solution for those searching the dental industry marketplace for practices and positions. Whether you are venturing into owning a practice or transitioning out of a practice, our integrated healthcare consultants, serving dentists in America, are here to assist you every step of the way. We offer expertise and a number of resources concerning the following dental transition services:

The processes Encompass IHC uses for dental transitions have proven to be effective and reliable, making the transition as organized and simple as possible. We use the latest techniques and methods for a fast turnaround. You can trust us when it comes to offering professionalism and guidance.

About Our Integrated Healthcare Consultants

What makes the team at Encompass IHC experts is that we are part of the dental industry. As professional dentists and practice owners ourselves, we have the experience it takes to offer practical, sound insight. Our consultants have successfully assisted many clients in buying or selling their dental practice and achieve their career goals.

Contact Us to Buy or Sell Your Dental Practice & More

We provide the dental industry an easy way to buy and sell practices, hire staff and find helpful resources for dental practice transitions. Read our client testimonials to see what a difference our consultants can make, and contact us today to get started and learn more about dental transitions.

Encompass IHC offers guidance through dental practice transitions. Serving Dentists in America since 2006!

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