Free Dental Practice Appraisal

Educating You on the Importance of Having a Current Appraisal


We receive the most frequently asked question: “What is my practice worth?” There is no way to answer that without a proper dental practice appraisal. “Ball-park” figures are always an option, but would you buy or sell a home, car, etc., based on a hypothetical value?

Your practice is an essential asset. Treat it as such. The primary purpose of most dental practice appraisals is for contemplation of sale. However, there are quite a few reasons for the importance of knowing the value of your business. Some of which include; financial planning, division of assets in divorce (our least favorite), and, most importantly, gaining knowledge and understanding of all financial aspects of your practice. Gathering and organizing all the necessary items to complete a dental appraisal can be tedious. Not only will you better understand your practice, should anything happen to you, but you will also have already completed the groundwork for your family.

Encompass Dental Practice Transitions offers a full, detailed, and free dental practice assessment for everyone willing to collaborate with us to sell their dental practice.

free dental practice appraisal

The Encompass Difference

While an accountant or financial planner may be able to help you with financial information, they may not be familiar with the dental market. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your practice, there are many different areas you need to make sure you keep track of, and one crucial aspect is to update its value with a current appraisal. Our founder and CEO have personally sold 30 of his practices. Along with the extensive data and resources we have collected over the last 14 years of being in business, we are confident in our ability to guide you in the right direction.

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