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The Millennial Dentists’ Quest for Ownership

Within the changing behavioral landscape of the dental profession, millennial dentists, those born between 1981 and 1996, have blazed a unique path to practice ownership. Their journey, marked by values and characteristics typical of their generation, is reshaping the future of the dental industry. Despite facing obstacles such as significant student loan debt and the temptation of gig-economy work options, millennial dentists are keenly interested in establishing their own practices. This article delves into the perspectives of millennial dentists on owning a practice and the experiences that accompany it.

Millennial Perspectives on Own Practice Journey

Starting with an average student loan debt of about $247,000, millennial dentists find the security and structured support of corporate dentistry or Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) appealing. Yet, about 35% of them express a desire to move toward practice ownership. This ambition is driven by a desire for autonomy and the professional fulfillment that comes from setting clinical standards and building a business that reflects their values and patient care philosophies.

The Dental Industry Changing its Dynamic

The dental industry is undergoing a generational shift, with millennials introducing new perspectives on patient care, work-life balance, technology use, and community-oriented practice models. This shift requires existing practices to adapt by integrating digital scheduling systems, patient engagement tools, and social media to meet the needs of millennial dentists and their patients.

Challenges and Opportunities Postulated with Practice Ownership

The journey to dental practice ownership for millennials is mainly hindered by financial challenges, including the high costs of establishing or acquiring a practice on top of existing student debt. However, many are exploring innovative transition models, planning to take ownership within five to eight years of starting their careers. This determination reflects the generational resilience and commitment to achieving professional independence.

Adapting to Meet Millennial Aspirations

For dental practices to thrive, they must adapt to the needs and characteristics of millennial dentists and patients. This includes adopting advanced technological solutions, fostering a culture of flexibility, inclusivity, and patient-centered care, and developing a strong online presence with visually appealing websites and active social media profiles.


Millennial dentists, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach to practice ownership, are shaping the future of the dental industry. Despite significant challenges, their drive toward owning dental practices highlights a desire for autonomy, professional growth, and the opportunity to implement their vision of high-quality patient care. As the industry evolves, the insights and aspirations of millennial dentists will continue to define new norms for dental practice, making the profession more adaptable, technologically advanced, and patient-focused than ever before.

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