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Purchasing a Dental Practice In NC: Maintaining Patient Records

By December 2, 2019October 5th, 2021Purchasing a Dental Practice, Resources, Uncategorized
Purchasing a Dental Practice Near Lake Norman NC: Maintaining Patient Records

Maintaining Patient Records When Purchasing a Dental Practice in Lake Norman, NC

One of the most attractive aspects of purchasing a dental practice in Lake Norman, NC is the preexisting patient load. With these patients, you need patient records. If this is your first dental practice, there is much to learn along the way. But correct record keeping from the start is vital toward protecting yourself and your assets against liabilities.

Below is some guidance in patient records management. To best understand your state laws in these matters, form a good transition team when purchasing a dental practice in Lake Norman, NC. On your transition team, you need the following experts:

  • Dental practice broker
  • Transition consultant
  • Dental attorney
  • New or preexisting dental office manager
  • Dental CPA

From time to time, you will have an unhappy patient. One or more of your patients may pursue legal action against you. This is why you keep malpractice insurance. But you must also maintain good patient records, for these reasons.

In addition, having good patient records ensures better treatment of your patients, as well as their improved well-being. Of course, you also need these records to protect yourself from litigation. But what many new dentists forget is your need for good records in the event one of your patients needs postmortem identification.

What laws govern how I keep patient records?

Purchasing a dental practice is a hectic time in your life and business. But you cannot afford to drop the ball, when it comes to transitioning patient records. You must quickly familiarize yourself with state laws where you are purchasing a dental practice, such as in Lake Norman, NC.

Start this learning process by reviewing your state’s dental practice act. States usually make this act available online. Also consult your North Carolina dentistry board, or the board in your state, for helpful information about patient record-keeping.

It is critical you also review the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule. These rules detail patient record-keeping, including how to keep these records and what to include within them. The Privacy Rule covers health information of any type. The Security Rule covers any health information that is electronically protected, created, received, maintained or transmitted.

According to the HIPAA Security Rule, you must safeguard your patients’ files to protect their confidentiality. Other safeguards must also protect record-keeping integrity and availability of the records, such as in who holds the authorization to access patient information.

HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Omnibus Rule also includes guidelines for dental practice associates and contractors, in regard to patient records. According to HIPAA, you must follow specific guidelines when a records breach occurs. In the event of a patient record breach, for example, you must contact affected patients, the federal government and sometimes even the media.

Consider reviewing this information about patient record-keeping and associated laws, prior to a dental practice purchase. Especially if this is your first dental practice, you must know these requirements well. They affect how you conduct your day-to-day business and transition patients between the original dental practice owner and yourself.

What information goes into a dental record?

The American Dental Association provides helpful information, when it comes to what you should keep in dental records. The ADA recommends two patient records, one being specifically for financial information, such as payment records, invoices and insurance claims. The second patient file – for clinical information – includes:

  • Patient personal contact information
  • Dental history and current medications
  • HIPAA acknowledgement form
  • Consent forms and privacy forms
  • Oral conditions
  • Lab test results
  • Recorded patient treatment conversations
  • Treatment planning
  • Progress notes
  • Continuity of care
  • Documentation of missed appointments, complaints and declined treatment

Transferring Records When Purchasing a Dental Practice

When purchasing a dental practice in Lake Norman, NC, you need permission from each patient before transferring records. This permission must comply with your state laws and HIPAA requirements. No transfers of records can take place, without this legal consent.

When transferring patient records, only transfer the least amount of information as needed. The receiving dentist should not obtain original records, only copies. The transferring dentist must keep clear notes about what information changed hands. They must also note who participated in the transfer and received the copied files.

Talk to your dental practice attorney about these suggestions and the process for converting records to a digital format. Your liability insurer also provides helpful guidance for making these transfers and ongoing patient record-keeping. If you expect to destroy any records, consult these experts before doing so. Records disposal falls under HIPAA regulations and your state laws.

Consult the Experts When Purchasing a Dental Practice in Lake Norman, NC

Whether you are purchasing or selling a dental practice in North Carolina or elsewhere in the United States, you must comply with many state and federal rules and regulations. But having the right experts in your corner makes this whole process easier, from finding the right practice match to due diligence and taking ownership. Encompass IHC provides this expert help, each step of the way in buying or selling a dental practice.

Call Encompass IHC For A Free Consultation Today, At 919-395-0444

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